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Saint Monica Mentor Bursary Programme

Fundraising Goal: $1,000

As of this year, St. Monica School is establishing a programme to financially help a deserving graduate with his/her upcoming high school expenses such as books, activities, uniform, etc. This project seeks to promote and encourage the pursuit of the student's high school education without financial concerns. The goal is to raise $1,000.

The student will be selected by grade 6 teachers and the school principal in accordance with his/her academic performance and financial needs. The money raised will be entrusted and managed by the recipient's new school and used for the student's specific needs as they arise throughout the five year course of study. 

We therefore ask, that you please contribute to this bursary with whatever amount you can afford. Donors will be acknowledged by having their name appear in alphabetical order in the graduation booklet. The money will be awarded to the student by two alumni at the Graduation Ceremony in June.

Thank you for giving generously! Your donations will help one more student succeed.

Two Ways You Can Donate

Saint Monica Breakfast Program Cooking Classroom

Fundraising Goal: $20,000

At St. Monica, we have the bread and butter, and we have each other.  Now what we need most of all, are community partners.  We invite you to help us realize a dream facility to better host our enduring and endearing Breakfast Program. We are asking for your financial support to purchase and install a counter, double-sink, ovens, refrigerators, dishwasher, cupboards, lighting, tables, chairs, computer station, couches, compost center and wall decal.  The complete vision of our new Cooking Classroom is detailed in the following 'St. Monica School Cooking Classroom Dream Plan' and Concept Board.

Our hope is to have an adequate and inviting place where volunteers can serve breakfast to students of St. Monica.  In addition, this room would host culinary workshops and lessons provided by staff during school.  Students and parents can attend after-school culinary classes and experience diverse foods by teachers from our very own multi-ethnic, multi-linguist, multi-generational community!  We can use the fresh organic produce from our very own 200 meter-squared vegetable garden located in front of the school.  The cornucopia of benefits for this new facility is abundant.

View our project on Indiegogo for more detailed information.

Thank you for giving generously!

Two Ways You Can Donate