We're bilingual and proud!

St. Monica School is the only completely bilingual elementary school in the ESMB's Region 3, which includes Côte St. Luc, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montreal West, Mile End, Westmount, Côte-des-Neiges, Hampstead and St. Henri. That makes St. Monica perfectly positioned to give your child an ideal environment to master both English and French.

Why is the bilingual stream good for my child?

Learning more than one language at an early age is highly beneficial to your child, especially in modern Quebec society. Fluency in the French language is critical to your child’s future success, but we cannot ignore the fact that English has emerged as the global language of communications and commerce. Saint Monica’s bilingual stream offers students the best of both worlds in a caring and nurturing environment designed for your child’s future. It melds the advantages of French Immersion with the benefits of English core education, giving each student a well-rounded instruction in both languages.

How we teach two languages

Frequently, students receive education in one language in the morning, while switching to the second language in the afternoon. This is switched halfway through the year, as studies have shown that children are more attentive early in the afternoon rather than in the morning. By switching the schedule, St. Monica offers students the best opportunity to practice either language when they are more inclined to do it.

Course Breakdown

Saint Monica students benefit from having 50% of their classes taught in English, and 50% in French.

The course breakdown varies from cycle to cycle, but classes typically divide as follows:

  Morning Afternoon
Cycle 1 Subject 1 Subject 1
Subject 2 Subject 2
Subject 3 Subject 3
Cycle 2 Subject 1 Subject 1
Subject 2 Subject 2
Subject 3 Subject 3
Cycle 3 Subject 1 Subject 1
Subject 2 Subject 2
Subject 3 Subject 3

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