School Success Plan and MESA

School Success Plan and MESA

As outlined in the Education Act, R.S.Q. Chapter I-13.3, the Governing Board of Saint Monica School must approve a Management and Educational Success Agreement (MESA) and Success Plan each year. The MESA outlines the commitments made by the school to achieve its mission of successfully instructing, qualifying and socializing students. Furthermore, the MESA defines the school's role in supporting the school board objectives and targets for student success, within the school board strategic plan and in line with the goals of the Ministère de l’Éducation, des Loisirs et du Sport.

The Success Plan, for its part, is the document that describes how the school will achieve the aims and objectives of its educational plan. It outlines the specific measures that the school will implement to ensure that highest level of accomplishment among our students.


You may download the Saint Monica MESA & Success Plan below:

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