saint monica school spirit committee

About the School Spirit Committee

The long-term viability of Saint Monica School continues to be precarious, even as the enrollment grows beyond 200 students. To ensure that Saint Monica survives well into the future, it takes a community effort

While many students have strong feelings about Saint Monica during school hours, that school spirit does not necessarily extend beyond the building's walls.  When students do not feel overly confident about their school, that feeling is picked up by their parents. If parents appear to be dissatisfied or disinterested, they will not speak about Saint Monica in the community in a positive light, and a snowball effect begins.

That is why the Governing Board has created the School Spirit Committee, a new working group with the exclusive role of building a new sense of community and pride among all of our stakeholders. While it is not a decision-making body, the committee will be make recommendations of all types regarding school symbols, communications and marketing and community outreach. It will also work with the PPO on pride-building activities and events throughout the school year.

Pride is infectious, and it starts with students.  They must feel like they are part of something important and relevant in  their daily lives.  But it does not stop with students. Teachers, support staff, parents, community volunteers, local politicians, nearby private daycares and CPEs and local media are all part of the equation. The School Spirit Committee will work with all of these groups, so that they may all become Saint Monica ambassadors within the community. We invite you to join us.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2013-2014 Committee Members

Andrew Ross   Chairperson
Tanya D'Alessio   Parent Representative
Sherlyn Figueira-Knight   Parent Representative
Heather McNabb    Parent Representative
Peter Papastratis         Parent Representative
Valerie Basile            Staff Representative
Leighton Jacobs   Staff Representative
Joanne Hall               Staff Representative
Irini Margetis               School Principal

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

School Spirit Committee meetings are held each month in the week prior to the monthly Governing Board. Meetings usually take place at 7 p.m. in the staff kitchen. While there is no public question period, members are very happy to hear feedback from the Saint Monica community in this less formal setting. You can consult the meeting schedule, agendas and approved minutes below:

Meeting Date Documents
January 30, 2014 Agenda Minutes
February 12, 2014 Agenda Minutes
March 12, 2014 Agenda Minutes
April 9, 2014 Cancelled
May 7, 2014 Agenda Minutes
June 4, 2014 Agenda Minutes

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