Saint Monica Team

Saint Monica Team

The Saint Monica team is dedicated to your child's educational success. Whether inside the classroom or out, they work very hard throughout the school year to make sure that your child gets every opportunity available. Should you need to contact any member of our team, feel free to get in touch with them using the contact information below:

2018-2019 Staff and Faculty


Silvana Crigna   Principal
Joanne Hall   School Secretary
Cassandra Tedeschi   Secretary
Gelsira Venuta   Staff Assistant
John Metz   Day Caretaker
Alex Carystios   Evening Caretaker


Cynthia Di Rienzo   French – Pre-Kindergarten
Angela Pardillo   French – Pre-Kindergarten (50%) Science (19.5%)
Lara Munro   ASD - Pre-Kindergarten
Suzanne Englebretsen   English - Kindergarten
Lynn Watson   French - Kindergarten
Marie-Claire Pilon   Bilingual – Kindergarten
Alexia Chechile   English – Grade 1 (Cycle 1)
Nancy Coutu   French – Grade 1 (Cycle 1)
Vanessa Secondo   Bilingual - Grade 1 (Cycle 1)
Heidi Tessler   English – Grade 2 (Cycle 1) (50%)
Priscilla Pace   English - Grade 2 (50%) ERC (24%)
Stephanie Bablis   English – Grade 3 & 4 (Cycle 2)
Frédéric-Marc Gagne   French – Grade 3 & 4 (Cycle 2)
Claudia Pulice   Bilingual – Grade 3 & 4 (Cycle 2)
Carissa Valente   S.E.E.D.S
Noah Trister   English – Grade 5 & 6 (Cycle 3)
Sabrina Di Girolamo   Bilingual – Split 3 & 4
Sandra Banon   French – Grade 5 & 6 (Cycle 3)
Leighton Jacobs   Physical Ed.
Natasha Benvenuto   Physical Ed. (61%)
Damaskini Nicolantonakis   Resource – English (50%)
Elena Bertoldi   Resource – English (50%)
Luana Stan   Resource – French (40%)
Christine Liautaud   Musique (60%)
Samantha Gervasi   Science

Support Staff

Elzbieta (Ella) Adaszckiewicz   Documentation Technician / Librarian
Despina Vassilou   Psychologist
Valerie Basile   Special Ed Technician
Andrea Williams   Special Ed Technician
Keisia Henry   Special Ed Technician
Jack Novak   Special Ed Technician
Delphina Davis   Child Care Worker
Darlene Halpin   Child Care Worker
Katherine Contomichalis   Child Care Worker
Pamela Nudo   Child Care Worker
Emilie Brown-Tesolin   Speech Pathologist
    Spiritual Animator
Erica Di Marino   Occupational Therapist
Nicole Spence   Social Worker (C.S.S.S.)
Farah Georgia Jules   Dental Hygienist (C.S.S.S.)

Daycare Staff

Angela Zambito   Daycare Technician
Zahra Amini   Daycare Educator
Giselle Alleyne   Daycare Educator
Martine Morris   Daycare Educator
Sandra Legault   Daycare Educator
Mitchelle Graham   Daycare Educator
Helen Athanasiadis   Daycare Educator
Camille Boyde   Daycare Educator
Janice Peterson   Daycare Educator

Standards & Procedures

School standards and procedures (S&P) defines how students are evaluated, when report cards are to be issued and how teachers communicate with parents. Click on the links below to download the S&P document for your child's school cycle.