tips and advice for parents

Get ready for kindergarten

Starting school for the first time is an important milestone in any child’s life. It is no different at St. Monica School. As parents, we have very important roles to play in introducing our children to the classroom, and making sure they are prepared for the challenges ahead. The information below serves as a guide for St Monica parents who are ready to meet this challenge.

Preparation begins at home

A successful entry into kindergarten puts children on a strong footing for future success in their school career. You have an important role to play in order to better prepare your child for school and contribute to this success.

To assist you, the Ministère de l’Education, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS), in collaboration with the Quebec Federation of Parents' Committees (FCPQ) and the English Parents Committees' Association, has developed a brochure for parents with ideas and tips to better prepare their children for this important step. What can you do? Help your child to get a good start at school by:

  • Encouraging your child to play with others.
  • Encouraging your child to say what he or she feels, while still showing respect for others.
  • Let your child do things by himself or herself, such as putting away toys or getting dressed without help.