Why school fees?

As a public school, Saint Monica does not charge any tuition fees to students and welcomes all children for free. Unfortunately, they are various additional fees for consumables and supervision outside of teaching hours not covered by our budget. These fees allow Saint Monica to broaden its offerings to students, and give additional flexibility to working parents.

Please be advised that additional fees may be charged for field trips and other activities during class time. You will receive notices from the school prior to these activities taking place.

Unpaid or outstanding fees may result in your child being excluded from extra-curricular activities, so we ask that you please pay all fees as quickly as possible. Please send your fee payment with your child by cheque (to the order of Saint Monica School) or in cash by the deadline on your fee notice.

Mandatory Fees 2022-2023


School Fees

This fee is transferred to the child’s 2022-2023 student fee once they officially begin in August 2022.

Pre-Kindergarten $30.00
Kindergarten $30.00
Grade 1 $40.00
Grade 2 $42.00
Grade 3 $45.00
Grade 4 $45.00
Grade 5 $30.00
Grade 6 $30.00
Gym Uniform $22.00
Resources and Books (consumables) Fees vary from grade to grade. Additional details are provided at the beginning of the school year, or upon enrollment

Additional Fees 2022-2023


Lunch Supervision Fees

(mandatory if children remain at school for lunch)

Pre-Kindergarten $280.00
Kindergarten to Grade 6 $250.00
Extra-Curricular Activity Fees Fees for these activities vary, and include competition registration, consumables and other charges.
Le Mini-Bistro Hot Lunch Program (Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri)
Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6 $5.75 /day
Breakfast Program
Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6 Free

B.A.S.E. Daycare Fees 2022-2023


Less than three (3) days of services:

Morning (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6) $8.50
Afterschool (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6) $11.00
More than three (3) days
Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6 $8.50 /day
Pedagogical Days:
Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6 $9.00
*Activity fee is extra