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Parents Newsletter - January 2020

Montreal - Monday, January 6, 2020

Happy New Year and welcome to the year 2020.

Time is a peculiar thing, we never have enough of it to do everything we need to do and yet, we move at such a quick pace all the time that we forget to appreciate the moment. As I write this message, I remind myself to appreciate the moment, to take the time to live for now, knowing that our students will appreciate me the more for it. I encourage everyone to do the same. Our students and children need us in the moment as much as they need us to help them for their future. The staff and I look forward to continuing our journey with them in ensuring that both their overall well-being, and their academic endeavors are supported in every way. It is a privilege to be in each of our students lives and we appreciate your continued support. May the new year bring lots of health, happiness and prosperity. I look forward to sharing many successes with you.

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