What does that mean for lunches made at home?

You can actively contribute to healthier eating, as outlined by the Nutrition Policy, by choosing nutritious and varied foods for your child’s lunch box or snacks by:

  • Prioritizing foods from the 4 food groups of Canada’s Food Guide when packing lunch boxes and snacks.
  • Vegetables and Fruit
  • Grain Products
  • Milk and Alternatives
  • Meat and Alternatives
  • Avoid products in which sugar is the first ingredient listed (other names for sugar include sucrose, fructose, dextrose, glucose, fructose, invert sugar, malt syrup or corn syrup).
  • Avoid products containing saturated or hydrogenated fats (trans fats) such as shortening, hydrogenated oil, lard, tallow, palm or palm kernel.

Hot Lunch Program

While St. Monica does not have a cafeteria on site, we are happy to offer a periodic hot lunch program to students through the EMSB Cafeteria and Nutrition Education division. Several times a year, parents will receive an order form with their child for upcoming hot lunch days. Please return this form (with exact payment in cash) prior to the deadline, and your child will enjoy high-quality meals that are lower in sugar, fat and food additives, providing essential nutrients according to Canada’s Food Guide.

Please recall that St. Monica does not have microwaves or other cooking equipment on site available to students, so parents should not send food to school that requires reheating.

What about food allergies?

Some students suffer with food allergies. In order to reduce the risk of unfortunate events at St. Monica, all students are asked to prioritize fruits and vegetables and dairy products as snacks.

Students at risk of anaphylactic reactions should only eat food prepared at their home and should be discouraged from sharing foods with classmates. To avoid allergic reactions

  • Inform St. Monica’s Principal of the allergy and ensure that auto-injectors (Epipen) are readily available.
  • Ask the Principal about the “designated eating area for allergic students” in your school.

Providing a safe environment for St. Monica students is a major concern! However, we cannot guarantee an allergen free environment. Parents should also take all necessary precautions.