Saint Monica Governing Board

The Governing Board is the main governing body of the school, and is composed of parents, teachers, administrators and community representatives. It makes decisions regarding the school and is responsible for discussing all matters related to student success, including the educational project, as well as the features and expectations of the school community. The Governing Board also approves the school budget, and deals with a variety of other educational issues, including subject time allocations. The Chair of the Governing Board must be a parent and has the deciding vote.

The Saint Monica Governing Board depends on the feedback of parents. Should you have concerns about what is going on or have suggestions about how to make things better for our children, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.

How do I join the Governing Board?

Each September, Saint Monica holds a General Assembly of parents in the school gym, where the parent members of the Governing Board are elected by general vote. For more information about meetings and how to join the Governing Board, please contact the Governing Board chairperson or Saint Monica's principal.

Governing Board email address:

Governing Board Members 2021-2022

Chairperson   Jesse Corbeil
Secretary   Jasmine Guillaume
Treasurer   Jennifer Young 
Parent Member   Deema Qasrawi
Alternate Parent Member Elsam Qasrawi
Alternate Parent Member   Natasha Bassett-Saltarelli
Teacher Member   Cynthia Di Rienzo
Teacher Member   Lynn Watson
Support Staff Member   Joanne Hall
Daycare Member   Angela Zambito
Community Representative   Nadine Joy Collins
Principal Silvana Crigna
Joseph Lalla