Dress Code / School Colours / Gym Uniform

Saint Monica's Governing Board has adopted a mandatory dress code for all students in the school (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6). the aim of this dress code is to ensure that students dress in a manner that reflects the serious purpose of the school, while making the students easily identifiable to staff, especially on field trips and during extra-curricular activities.

Parent cooperation is vital and appreciated to support the school in enforcing the dress code.

Specifically, students are required to dress as follows:

Navy blue tunic, skirt, pants or walking shorts (knee-length or longer). No jeans or leggings are permitted.

White tops: collared blouse or shirt, polo shirt or turtleneck. No t-shirts are permitted.

Gym Uniform

The gym uniform is mandatory for Grades 1 to  6, and  must be purchased from the school in September (one t-shirt and one pair of shorts).  Students will receive an order form on the first day of school to select sizes; all Grade 1 to 6 students are expected to wear the uniform by September 30.  

  • T-Shirt: a grey t-shirt with St. Monica written in navy blue on the front.
  • Shorts: navy blue in colour, with St. Monica written in white across one of the legs.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students are exempt from the formal uniform, and may continue to wear a white t-shirt and navy blue shorts as in the past. Parents of pre-school students also have the option of purchasing the Gym Uniform should they wish to do so.

Winter Wear

Students must wear boots during the winter months. Boots are not permitted in class; students must have a pair of shoes in school for indoor use. Students spend 15-20 minutes outdoors at recess and lunch time so they must be warmly dressed with winter coats, snow pants, scarves, hats and gloves.