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The registration process is different for all levels of education. All youth sector students must meet the requirements for a Certificate of Eligibility to attend a public English school in Quebec. Requirements for adult and vocational learners can vary depending on what country you were born in and your previous education. For detailed information, please visit the page that matches your situation and find the scenario that best suits your case.

Elementary or SecondaryEarly Entry for Youth
Adult Education
Vocational Training

International Students (Youth)

There are several steps to complete before your child can be accepted as an international student.  This process may take time to complete. Please review the timelines for each stage in order to be accepted.

Youth Admission Process EMSB Youth International Student Webpage

Is my child eligible to attend English school?

To be eligible to attend school with the EMSB, certain requirements must be met. These requirements differ depending on academic level, education history, and place of origin. In this section of the site you can find the application process for the most common criteria. In certain situations applications must be done at the Law 101 Office (Eligibility).

Attended English School in Canada Temporary Residents of Quebec Special Exceptions Interboard Agreements

International Students (Adult)

There are several steps to complete before an adult can be accepted for international studies.  This process may take time to complete, please start early to ensure you are accepted in time for the beginning of your chosen course.

Adult Admission Process AEVS Adult International Student Webpage